Frankonia Anechoic Chambers

Unique nano-thinfilm performance absorber technology (Frankosorb®)

Modular and pre-fabricated industrial design standards

Flexible systems completely dismountable using just screwing methods

Stable quality and technology through in-house manufacturing and engineering

Broad range of high-class standardized products

Customized solutions and professional project guidance from A to Z

Aftersales support and a far-going trustful partnership

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Frankonia Trusted Solutions

We are a turnkey solutions provider delivering customized anechoic chambers across the globe. Frankonia is your first choice when it comes to long-term profitability, durability, quality and performance. With Frankonia, you will get state-of-the-art industrial solutions paired with a future-prove absorber technology engineered in Germany.

Within our Anechoic Chamber business that includes a wide range of standardized chambers from pre-compliance up to full compliance and customized chambers, we offer a variety of innovative positioning devices and accessories required in modern testing facilities like monitoring equipment, antenna mast, turntables, doors and gates, and our unique absorber technology Frankosorb®.

Frankonia’s EMC Anechoic Chambers are part of testing laboratories of different industries all over the world. Customers from commercial test institutes, manufacturers of electronic devices, as well as customers from the automotive or military industry trust Fankonia’s solutions for now more than 30 years.



Frankonia provides precise knowledge of state-of-the-art Anechoic Chamber and Test System solutions with the latest technology and highest quality, while considering todays and future standards. Together with our customers, we define customized projects, provide technical details, project timeline and complete drawings. Herewith, in every single phase of the project, we ensure a perfect solution.

Project Management

From the first moment to the final handover, our project management takes care of the project and represents the central interface between Frankonia’s scope of delivery and building related parties. Thus, we meet our customers’ requirements without compromises.


Frankonia’s engineering ensures that our customers’ requirements will be impeccable implemented from a single product up to a complete solution. Having our own engineering guarantees the quality and technology level that our customers’ expect. Herewith, Frankonia claims to be a competent solution partner.

Research & Development

Frankosorb® is Frankonia’s unique absorber innovation that defines the leading standard for absorber technologies. Our continuous research on materials, a proper adaptation to our customers’ requirements, as well as the respect of future standards put Frankonia’s R&D department to the core when it comes to providing long-term efficient and trustful chamber solutions.


Frankonia runs a stand-alone production network and constantly invests in innovative technologies and latest manufacturing equipment to meet our customers’ as well as our own expectations. Having our own manufacturing resources, which enable us to consequently provide the highest production quality and accuracy, distinguishes Frankonia from others.


Our own European installation team ensures a proper implementation and installation of single products up to complete solutions that are engineered, developed and manufactured per Frankonia’s modular and prefabricated standards. Offering a complete scope of products and a broad range of international capabilities verifies Frankonia to be named as the trusted turnkey solution provider.


With 30 years experience to date, Frankonia‘s goal is to transform our customers’ individual requirements into reliable state-of-the-art solutions, always considering todays and future standards and test related specifications. We offer our expertise and innovation to customers seeking for complete solutions with leading ambitions. Because we know, only a complete and comprehensive solution can create and maintain long-term satisfaction.


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