Since the beginning in 1987, Frankonia is specialised in RF-Shielding, Doors & Gates, as well as for any kind of fee-through items necessary to meet high-class shielding effectiveness.

Range of products

RF-Shielding & Steel Structure

Doors & Gates

Lifting Platforms & Ramps

RF-Shielding & Steel Structure


The RF-Shielding is Frankonia’s basic system and follows the principles of the Faraday cage. The modular and prefabricated high-quality RF-shielding is typically a pan-type shielding made of 2,0 mm galvanized steel that is manufactured to perfection. Frankonia’s shielding is used for all kinds of chambers and shielded rooms, such as control rooms, amplifier rooms, or any other room that requires a shielded standard.


Modular and prefabricated PAN type shielding modules

Hot-galvanized 2,0 mm thick steel

Dismountable, nothing is glued or welded

Self-supporting construction along with industrial design standards

High-class and identical shielding attenuation for modules, doors, gates and all accessories

Shielding attenuation according to EN 50147-1

Frequency Attenuation Field
10 kHz ≥ 80 dB Magnetic
100 kHz ≥ 100 dB Magnetic
1 MHz ≥ 100 dB Magnetic
100 MHz ≥ 110 dB Plane wave
400 MHz ≥ 110 dB Plane wave
1 GHz ≥ 110 dB Plane wave
18 GHz ≥ 90 dB Microwave
40 GHz ≥ 90 dB Microwave

Steel Structure

For static purposes, larger chambers require an additional steel structure support that perfectly meets the shielding fixation, considers a variable static design for different chamber sizes and configurations, and adapts to any specific building characteristics and A/C layouts. Frankonia’s steel structure is a totally self-supporting system and does not require a connection to the existing building. Furthermore, for corrosion prevention the steel structure is coated by default akin to RAL 3020 with a guarantee of 10 years. Moreover, Frankonia’s steel structure considers country-specific seismic conditions as well as low point loading to the concrete slab of the building.


Steel structure that meets specific static purposes and country-specific seismic conditions

Independent and totally self-supporting system

Doors & Gates

The doors and gates by Frankonia are designed according to industrial standards in respect of durability, flexibility and all kinds of safety issues related to the EC machinery directive. The triple-row knife-edge system achieves the same shielding effectiveness as the standard shielding modules by its innovative design, and therefore offers continuous quality. This special development allows for complex double-pivoted hinges that stabilize the construction and greatly extend the lifespan of the highly conductive contact springs. Furthermore, this system reduces the maintenance intervals to a minimum, ensuring a stable shielding performance.

General characteristics

Very strong construction for long-lasting stability

RF-shielding realized with an innovative triple row of highly conductive contact springs

The complete triple-row knife-edge system is easily exchangeable

Materials are hot-galvanized for corrosion prevention

All materials used are equal to the shielding to ensure continuous quality

Clever and easy to maintain

Door frame and leaf finish color in RAL 9002

Range of Doors and Gates

Single-leaf door (SLD)

Double-leaf door (DLD)

Sliding door (SSD)

Sliding gate (SG)

All gates are available as automatic version without limitation in size, which meet all kinds of EUT and customer-specific requirements. Any version of the door or gate is perfectly integrated in the shielding and respects the lining of the wall absorbers.

A great advantage of Frankonia’s sliding gates is the fact that all types of pyramid and hybrid absorbers, up to a length of 2,4 m, can be directly installed on the door leaf. Considering the EC machinery directive for safety issues to ensure a user-friendly and safe movement, audio and visible signals turn automatically on while moving.


Equal shielding attenuation as Frankonia’s standard shielding according to EN 50147-1

Triple-row knife-edge system of highly conductive contact springs

Variety of doors and gates in combination with ramps and sliding or lifting platforms

Manual, electric or pneumatic powered latching system

Motorized movement for sliding doors and gates

Perfectly integrated in the shielding and absorber lining

Designed and built for long-lasting performance and stability

User-friendly and safe use according to EC machinery directive

Lifting Platforms & Ramps

In addition to all doors and gates, lifting ramps and lifting platforms are available, with either manual or automatic movements. The lifting platform is used in case the chamber is installed in a pit and provides a flat access level. The lifting ramp is used in case the chamber is installed on the finished floor or is partially installed in a pit and provides a smooth ramp access level. A sliding platform completes Frankonia’s range of EUT and personal access solutions. As a specialist in customer-specific requirements, there are almost no limitations in weight and size.

Range of Platforms and Ramps

Lifting platforms for light-weight to heavy-weight EUT’s; equal level inside/outside

Sliding platform for heavy EUT’s that moves with the sliding gate; equal level inside/outside

Lifting ramp for ultra-light weight EUT’s up to 800 kg

Lifting ramps for light-weight to heavy-weight EUT’s

Wooden ramp up to 200 kg

Aluminum ramp up to 500 kg


Perfectly adapted to match Frankonia’s doors or gates

Materials are hot-galvanized and colored in RAL 3020

Slip resistant coating (option)

Clever and easy to maintain

Designed for MTBF 20.000 cycles without failure


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