Pre-compliance Automotive Component Testing Chamber

The UCC is Frankonia’s ultra-compact hybrid chamber solution at 1,0 m measuring distance. It is an alternative solution for the GTEM cell for pre-compliance testing as well as for research and scientific purposes. The ultra-compact chamber solution is designed for pre-compliance radiated emission and immunity tests, conducted tests, and pre-compliance tests for automotive components per the CISPR 25 method.

EMICISPR 25 pre-compliance
EMSISO 11452 pre-compliance
Test distance1,0 m
VolumeTable setup


Compact chamber solution for automotive component

testing according to CISPR 25

Comfortable alternative solution to GTEM cell

Turnkey solution

Typical Product and Verification Standards





ISO 11452


Typical Specifications

Chamber Type UCC
External dimensions 4.280 x 3.080 x 2.550 mm (LxWxH)
Setup Table setup
Measuring distances 1,0 m
Frequency range 9 kHz/ 150 kHz to 18 GHz (option 40 GHz)

Performance & Compliance

Pre-compliant emission (EMI) according to CISPR 25 Ed.4

Pre-compliant immunity (EMS) according to ISO 11452

Full compliant immunity (EMS) according

to IEC/EN 61000-4-3 for small uniform field 0,5×0,5m
Deviation FU 0 dB/+6 dB for 4 of 4 test points (100%)


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