Frankonia is recognized as a highly specialized technology corporation for EMC anechoic chambers and test system within the automotive and industrial sector for testing of electromagnetic compatibility.

With our expertise, flexibility, quality and a high degree of technology, we generate future-proof solutions on a global scale.

Frankonia is the preferred supplier for complete solutions when it comes to the implementation of EMC test facilities. We plan, coordinate, and define customized solutions with and for our customers that meet today’s and future standards. Because of our commitment to provide holistic EMC lab solutions we offer outstanding expertise in every phase of a project.

Frankonia’s project business convinces with its own project management, engineering and production, a trend-setting research, as well as an own installation and service team. So, we make sure to provide a high level of technology and quality.

Frankonia stands for

Customized anechoic chambers
Individual EMC test systems
Highest quality
Latest technology
Unique absorbers
Future-proof solutions

Frankonia provides

Anechoic Chambers and Test Systems
Turnkey solutions
Expertise in every stage of a project
Everything from one source
Own engineering and manufacturing
Global presence and worldwide activity

The unique and trustworthy partner for EMC solutions worldwide.