Magnetic-Field / Low-Frequency Test System

The MTS-800 is a compact test system for broadband generation and measurement of magnetic fields. Its internal components allow automatic EMC tests according to automotive standards where high field strength need to be generated or measured.

In combination with our triaxial Helmholtz coils full automated susceptibility tests are possible at magnetic field strength up to 1000 A/m for frequencies from DC to 1 kHz. Lower field strength can be generated for frequencies up to 250 kHz. Due to the triaxial setup of our Helmholtz coil major improvement in device handling is achieved because there is no need to turn an EUT during tests.

Tests and measurements are controlled by a program which will set most parameter automatically. For any relevant standard, which are fulfilled by the MTS-800, limit values are already included into the software package, although any different value can be defined by a user. After every test full reports will be created automatically. Report layout is pre-defined, though any user-defined layout is possible. High performance is guaranteed by a self-calibration.

Special Features

Frequency range for emission and immunity measurements: DC–250kHz

800W precision power amplifier, signal generator and spectrum analyzer in one compact unit

All instruments may as well be used as stand-alone devices

Powerful but easy to operate software, fully expandable for future standards modifications

Standard software allows easy operation, report generation and integration of external measuring instrument for EUT monitoring

Prepared for connection of external multimeter for EUT control

Fully automated tests with triaxial Helmholtz coil. Software controlled generation of magnetic field in x-, y- and z- direction; no need to turn the EUT!

Large variety of extensive accessories available

The MTS-800 complies to all magnetic field requirements of relevant EMC and military standards


Common mode test adapter for balanced signal and control connections according to IEC/EN 55103-3

Calibration network for common mode test adapter according to IEC/EN 55103-2

Current transducer for balanced video connections according to IEC/EN 55103-2

Enclosed variable transformer for short term field according to IEC/EN 61000-4-8; prim. 230 V, sec. 0 to 230 V, max. current 20 A; incl. supply cable


Magnetic Field Generation
MTS-800 enables a user to generate strong magnetic fields up to 1000 A/m. Even alternating fields up to 250 kHz can be generated by the magnetic test system.

Low Frequency emission and immunity tests
acc. to MIL-STD 461, CE 101, RE 101, CS 101, CS 109 and RS 101. Individual software modules and hardware accessories are available for each of these tests.

Automotive Testing
Intensive testing is required for new products which should be used in any automotive application. The MTS-800 allows fast and easy testing according to many automotive standards as described before.

Technical specifications

Voltage input (Analyzer)
Frequency range DC – 250 kHz
Input impedance 1 MΩ / 50 Ω switchable
Connector XLR, unbalanced
Max. input voltage 100 V continuous (attenuator autoset at overvoltage); 10 V at 50 Ω
Gain -20/0/20 dB Preamplifier, 0/20/40 bB ADC Amplifier; Self-calibration with ultra stable on-board reference
Current input
Frequency range DC – 250 kHz
Shunts 10 mΩ / 1 Ω / 100 Ω
Max. input current 20 A continuous (overload protection);
1 Ω and 100 Ω shunt are protected by an additional 1.5 A fuse
Connector 4 mm safety jack (+, -) measurement via insulation amplifier or input jacks
Measurement range 20 A, 10 A, 1 A, 100 mA, 10 mA, 1 mA automatic offset and gain; Self-calibration with ultra stable on-board reference
AD converter
Resolution 16 Bit
Sampling rate 1.25 MSPS
Aliasingfilter 0.01 dB Tschebyscheff filter, fg = 260 kHz; filter may be switched off
Frequency range DC – 250 kHz
Output impedance 50 Ω
Connector BNC, unbalanced
Signal Sine wave / triangular / square wave / DC
Amplitude 0 to 10 VAC, -10 V to +10 VDC
Resolution 12 Bit (2.5 mV), Switchable – 20 dB Attenuator; Self-calibration with ultra stable on-board reference
Frequency range DC – 1 MHz
Connector 4 mm safety jacks (output); BNC, unbalanced (input)
Current 16 Arms
Voltage 50 Vrms / 75 VDC
Distortion (DC-100 kHz, load ≥ 4 Ω) < 0.10 %
General data
EUT control / Connector 9-pin Sub-D; RS232
Connection to Computer USB
Temperature range 0 to 40 °C
Warm-up time 15 min.
Housing 19”-Subrack or desktop case
Dimensions (WxHxD) 449 x 177 x 580 mm
Weight (shipping) approx. 40 kg (net 34 kg)
Gain 10 ±0.1% (±0.01% / °C)


Automatic Testing Capabilities
Full compliance with several immunity test as ISO 11452-8, MIL-STD-461 RS101, CS101, CS109, IEC/EN 55103-2, IEC/EN 61000-4-8, SAE J1113-2, SAE J1113-22, Ford ES-XW7T-1A278-AC, GM W3097, PSA B21 7110, Renault 36-00-808, DC-11224, DC 10614 and similar standards. Furthermore the MTS-800 allows emission measurements according to MILSTD- 461E/F RE101, CE101 and IEC/EN 55103-1.

Any function is controlled via a software which also guide the user through any test or measurement. Adaptation of signal strength or measurement graphs are possible at any stage. User defined signals complement the usage for fast and reliable tests. The software is written in LabVIEW which guarantees stable and fast performance on any Microsoft® Windows platform.

MTS-800 consists of 3 independent modules: a signal generator (DC – 250 kHz), a power amplifier (800 W output maximum, DC –1MHz bandwidth) and spectrum analyzer (16 Bit, 1 MSPS sampling rate). All modules can be used as stand-alone units.

Using an ultra-stable voltage source self-calibration correction values are stored in an internal EEPROM. Any voltage signal or voltage measurement device is calibrated at a self-calibration process automatically in about a minute.

Frankonia provides also many different coils and loop sensor which are ideally suited for the described tests. Any additional equipment is ready to use without a need for recalibration. Not only our own equipment can be used with the MTS-800, but also user defined coils. A calibration mode is included in the software to complement the magnetic test system with any further equipment.

Further features and possibilities

Susceptibility tests with fixed frequencies and test levels or use the ramp function to sweep from start to stop level. Verify the generated field of any radiating coil with loop sensor.

Short term generation window for short term magnetic field tests (optional).

Scope mode window.

Determine the coil factor of an unknown coil

Self calibration of the MTS-800

Helmholtz Coils
Several Helmholtz coils are available for susceptibility tests. We also offer tri-axial Helmholtz coils which are suitable for MTS-800. To achieve 1000 A/m at 1 kHz, it is absolute necessary to use our Helmholtz coils and an optional compensation board.

Coil Type Technical specifications
HCST_50/28_TAP (1) Tapped triaxial Helmholtz coil for immunity tests
HCS_50/28_TAP (2) Tapped single axis Helmholtz coil for immunity tests
Max. current Designed for the generation of magnetic fields with field strength > 1000 A/m
HCS_125/75_TAP Tapped single axis Helmholtz coil for immunity tests according to IEC / EN 55103

Loop Sensors / Radiating Loops
For immunity tests we offer radiating loops which are necessary to generate magnetic fields. The required loop sensors for measuring emission can also be ordered.

Coil Type Technical specifications
RL_120 (3) 120 mm radiating loop according to MIL-STD-461
LS_040 (4) Electrostatically shielded loop sensor according to MIL-STD-461
LS_133 Electrostatically shielded loop sensor according to MIL-STD-461
RS_133 Electrostatically shielded loop sensor according to IEC/EN 55103-1/2
Can be used as radiating loop and loop sensor.

Coupling Transformer
MIL-STD-461 CS 101 requires a coupling transformer for conducted susceptibility tests. Frankonia has developed a coupling transformer which meets all requirements. Due to direct coupling to voltage mains, the coupling transormer has an additional differential amplifier for common mode rejection of the AC mains. Using the coupling transformer without this amplifier can destroy any measurement instrument due to overvoltage.

Testing equipment acc. to IEC/EN 55103-2
IEN/EN 55103-2 requires certain immunity tests for frequencies from 50 Hz to 10 KHz. The following test equipment fulfills all requirements according to IEC/EN 55103-2, annex B.


Control Panel

The software starts with the generator/amplifier control panel. This window allows basic settings of generator and amplifier.

Standard generation window

Open the Magnetic field generation window for susceptibility tests according to predefined standards.

Magnetic field continuous generation window

Open the continuous generation window for long term magnetic field test.

Example standard file

Edit a predefined standard or create a new one. Load, save and print data.

Measurement results

Open the Magnetic field measurement window for spectrum analyzer measurements. Perform a single or continuous measurement. Perform test according to predefined standards.

Current transducer incl.  correction network

Calibration network

Common  mode test adapter


Accessories selecting table

Test equipment MIL-STD 461 Recommended Model CE101 CS101 CS109 RE101 RS101
Measurement receiver MTS-800
Current probe Any commercially available model
Signal generator MTS-800
Power amplifier MTS-800
Data recording device MTS-800
Oscilloscope MTS-800
Coupling transformer CT_2.5/50 AC •                        •
Isolation transformer IT-6/-16/-20/
LISNs Any commercially available model •                        •                        •                •
Radiating loop 12cm RL_120
Loop sensor 4cm LS_040                                                                     •
Loop sensor 13.3cm LS_133
Ohmmeter Any commercially available model


CE101 Conducted Emission, Power Leads, 30 Hz to 10 kHz
CS101 Conducted Susceptibility, Power Lead, 30 Hz to 150 kHz
CS109 Conducted Susceptibility, Structure Current, 60 Hz to 100 kHz
RE101 Radiated Emission, Magnetic Field, 30 Hz to 100 kHz
RS101 Radiated Susceptibility, Magnetic Field, 30 Hz to 100 kHz