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EDTC-BB with EMC-BlueBox

E-Drive Testing Chamber with Mobile Load Machine EMC-BlueBox

E-Drive Solutions are Frankonia’s dedicated test sites for powertrain components and facilities related to hybrid, electric, fuel cell and battery drive systems. They offer superior conditions for radiation testing according to CISPR 25 and ISO 11452. The typical chamber is lined with ferrite absorbers and partially lined with Frankosorb® non-combustible hybrid absorbers.

The EDTC-BB is the adapted chamber solution that includes the EMC-BlueBox mobile load machine for dynamic EMC tests of electrical powertrain units in a shielded enclosure. The EMC-BlueBox works in a four-quadrant operation; any EUT stress situation can be simulated. Similar to the external load machine with a fixed shaft, it includes braking, driving, direction of rotation (right/left), speed regulation, torque control and a mix out of this range.

ComplianceCISPR 25, ISO 11452
SystemMobile Load Machine (electrical driven)
Features- Plug & Play System
- Useable for motors, components, or in combination with battery tests
- Flexible and efficient solution
- Useable as load machine with additional fixed shaft
VolumeTable setup in front of wall, or on a turntable


Fully compliant with CISPR 25

Component or system test level

Mobile, flexible and adjustable to any kind of EUT

360° view when placed on a turntable (extended testing range)

Connection to a CISPR 25 test table

Combination with battery tests

Integration kit for existing chambers

Optional EUT e-motor power source and water-cooling system

Absorbers EDTC-BB

Frankosorb® optimized hybrid absorber lining with Ferrite F006, and H450

High-performance nano thin-film technology with proven long-term stability

Available material classifications:
non-combustible acc. to DIN EN 13501-1 class A2 – s1 d0, or
hardly inflammable acc. to DIN EN 13501-1 class B (alternative)

Typical Product and Verification Standards




ISO 11452

Typical Specifications

Chamber Type EDTC-BB EDTC-BB with turntable
External dimensions 7.880 x 6.380 x 3.750 mm (LxWxH) 10.880 x 6.980 x 3.900 mm (LxWxH)
Setup Table setup
Test distance 1,0 m
Load capacity 5.000 kg (typical)
Frequency range 9 kHz/ 30 MHz to 18 or 40 GHz

EMC-BlueBox Versions

Version EMC-BlueBox-30 EMC-BlueBox-40
Power range 30 kW 44 kW
Speed max. 11.000 RPM 9.000 RPM
Torque 82 Nm 140 Nm
Weight 1.100 kg 1.200 kg
Payload 800 kg 800 kg
Dimensions 2,0 x 1,3 x 1,3 m 2,2 x 1,3 x 1,3 m
Version EMC-BlueBox-65 EMC-BlueBox-120
Power range 63 kW 120 kW
Speed max. 6.500 RPM 6.000 RPM
Torque 240 Nm 470 Nm
Weight 1.700 kg 2.500 kg
Payload 1.000 kg 1.400 kg
Dimensions 2,5 x 1,4 x 1,3 m 2,8 x 1,6 x 1,3 m

Performance & Compliance

Full compliant emission (EMI) according to CISPR 25 Ed.4

(ALSE verification acc. to the long-wire method recommended)

Full compliant immunity (EMS) according to ISO 11452


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