The Frankonia Group is one of the international leading experts in EMC and has its expertise in the planning, production and delivery of complete EMC laboratory solutions that encompass Anechoic Chambers and Test Systems. 

Within this complex and high-tech EMC testing environment, our customers come from the electronic industries and industries as automotive, railway, avionics, etc.

We offer attractive conditions and a motivated and dynamic team working internationally with our premium customers and representatives.

Frankonia offers various unique attributes in single products and complete solutions and is herewith the proven and preferred partner around the globe. Along with our values and goals, we invest in your education within the complex subject of EMC and rely on a long-term relationship with our staff.


Frankonia Professional

We are always looking for motivated people to join our team to increase our success on the international EMC market. If you are interested to work at Frankonia, please submit your application to

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Frankonia Trainee

If you don’t have experience in EMC, but if you are interested in working within this challenging sector and our international business, you can start your EMC career as Frankonia Trainee.

Sorry! No open trainee positions available.



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