Reverberation Tent

Reverberation Tent inside for existing EMC Chambers

The Frankonia reverb tent is the ideal add-on to a regular EMC chamber to get a reverberation test site per IEC 61000-4-21 – cost-efficient and with fullest flexibility. The reverb tent is following the principle of the vibrating intrinsic reverberation technique (VIRC), so that the tent generates multiple inter-reflections emitted by an antenna.


Integration into any kind of EMC chamber

Easy and quick installation by hanging

and lifting to the ceiling support system

Shake assistance system

Ventilation and exhaust integration option

Tent storage and transport container

Shielding attenuation IEEE St. 299

Turnkey solution

Typical Specifications

External dimensions Any size is possible
Frequency range tbd
Shielding Effectiveness IEEE Std. 299
60-75 dB from 30 MHz to 1,5 GHz
80-100 dB from 1,5 GHz to 10,0 GHz
Material Polyester Steel with Aluminum Core, 0,1 mm

Reverberation Chambers

Customised to your needs in a separate shielding enclosure

The Frankonia reverberation chambers are the traditional form to test e.g. vehicles per IEC 61000-4-21. Those chambers are highly customised.


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