Introducing Frankonia’s E-Drive Testing Chamber – External Load Machine

Frankonia’s EMC Solution for Powertrain Components tests on Motor and Battery CISPR 25.

The EDTC is Frankonia’s e-drive testing chamber solution for powertrain components and systems related to hybrid, electric, fuel cell and battery drive systems. The EDTC is an adapted automotive component testing chamber (ACTC) at 1,0m measuring distance.

It is a fully compliant chamber solution that is designed for EMC components and system testing for all types of hybrid, electric, fuel cell and battery drive systems. The EDTC offers superior conditions for radiation testing according to CISPR 25 Ed.4 and ISO 11452. The typical chamber is lined with ferrite absorbers and partially lined with Frankosorb® hybrid absorbers.

The EDTC includes several disciplines in a single solution:

  • EMC tests on automotive components
  • EMC tests on e-motor applications with an external load machine (fixed version) or BlueBox (mobile version)
  • EMC tests on energy system with battery simulation, battery test, and charging station emulation
  • Combination of e-motor, energy system and components tests

Available Power Ranges:

EDTC-125:       125 kW at 12.000 RPM
EDTC-160:       160 kW at 12.000 RPM
EDTC-250:       250 kW at 12.000 RPM
EDTC-350:       350 kW at 8.000 RPM

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