Automotive Wireless Test and Research Facility at RI.SE in Boras, Sweden

Frankonia GmbH is creating a new state-of-the-art EMC test facility for RI.SE Technical Research Institute of Sweden in Borås

Nowadays, the rise of electronics and electronic elements in all areas of life require more and more unaffected stability of products and an overall safe environment. Laboratories are required to test Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) to ensure the functionality of any kind of products and to fulfill legal requirements that are needed more than ever.

Therefore, every leading manufacturer is obliged to test interference and emission of its products considering highest standards and requirements. The challenge for the laboratories is not only to be able to provide service according to current standards and requirements, but to be as well prepared for future legal requirements and future standard changes.

Especially for SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden located in Boras, the growing complexity for vehicle tests enjoys highest attention to meet these holistic demands. With their decision to invest in a new EMC lab, SP ensures to keep pace with of this evolution of growing complexity. The new large EMC testing chamber provided by Frankonia is designed to meet future techniques and requirements. This facility is engineered for 70 tons load capacity and integrates a 4-wheel-drive dynamometer with 11m diameter and 20 tons load capacity, altogether offering a broad range for testing small sized up to heavy weight vehicles.

Project details:

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