Introducing Frankonia’s Battery Test System

With our partners, Frankonia offers adapted EMC test environments incl. EMC test equipment, and integrates a battery test system, DC or AC emulator, and testing charging infrastructure in a turnkey solution.

The Battery System includes modular packages:

  • Battery Test units from 100 kW up to 600 kW, and from 300 A to 600 A
  • Dynamic DC Emulators and AC Emulators
  • Charging Infrastructure with Communication Modules (PLC, GB/T, CHAdeMO)

This Battery System typically offers a 1.000 V battery test system with the following options:

  • Operation as battery test system (=current source to test HV battery packs)
  • Operation as DC Emulator (=emulation of HV battery, e.g., to supply a traction inverter or machine)
  • Operation as DC quick charging station (=emulation of EVSE incl. communication)
  • Operation as AC charging station (with local grid, grid emulation excl.)
  • ChargingDiscoverySystem with EMC optimized casing
  • Fully adapted and integrated to Frankonia EMC Anechoic Chambers

The battery system is tailored for Frankonia and for integration into an EMC anechoic chamber.

Available Power Ranges:

FSL100:           Output 100 kW, 50…1.000V, 300A or 600A
FSL150:           Output 150 kW, 50…1.000V, 300A or 600A
FSL180:           Output 180 kW, 50…1.000V, 300A or 600A
FSL250:           Output 250 kW, 50…1.000V, 300A or 600A
FSL350:           Output 350 kW, 50…1.000V, 600A
FSL600:           Output 600 kW, 50…1.000V, 600A

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