Introducing Frankonia’s BlueBox – Mobile Load Machine

With the updated version of CISPR 25 Ed.4 published October 2016, alternative solutions to test e-motors are accepted. In time, Frankonia made available the BlueBox Mobile Load Machine for an effective, efficient and adapted EMC testing on e-motors and any related components.


  • The BlueBox is Frankonia’s most versatile test solution for motor applications according to CISPR 25 Ed.4.
  • The BlueBox is herewith a mobile alternative to the well-known fixed version with an outside dyno.
  • The BlueBox offers dynamic usability for motors, components, or in combination with battery tests.
  • Test setup preparation outside the EMC chamber possible, Plug &Play function
  • Bulk body of BlueBox can be considered as a vehicle structur
  • 360° EMC test with position on a turntable, or in combination with CISPR test table

Available Power Ranges

BlueBox-30:    30 kW at 8.000 RPM
BlueBox-40:    40 kW at 7.000 RPM
BlueBox-63:    63 kW at 6.500 RPM
BlueBox-120:  120 kW at 6.000 RPM


BMW Group, CSA Group, EETI China
The BlueBox is the perfect and full compliant alternative when it comes to efficiency, flexibility and cost savings for EMC tests on motors, or in combination with battery tests.

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