Anechoic Chamber Refurbishments with Frankonia and Frankosorb®

To meet the requirements of various standards and customer requirements, operators of EMC labs must continually ensure that their laboratories are always in perfect condition. The important points include performance of absorbers and thus a stable characteristic of the anechoic chamber. In consideration of accreditation of a laboratory according to ISO 17025 and the validated anechoic chamber, these are crucial criteria for the stable quality of EMC measurements and the reproducibility of measuring results.

Due to the fact of quality losses caused by the aging of conventional absorber materials and herewith the change of the chamber characteristic, an absorber renewals or even renovation of the entire chambers can become necessary in a while.

These problems do not exist with the absorber technology developed and provided by Frankonia GmbH. Therefore, with the right choice of absorbers from the beginning, or in case of a refurbishment, the aging problem can be avoided in the long-term. The unique Frankosorb® absorbers offer a stable and tested performance for already over 25 years and are thus extremely durable in comparison to conventional carbon-loaded absorbers of other manufacturers.

The used nano-thinfilm technology by Frankonia offers many advantages: Frankosorb® especially convinces with the durability and consistent characteristics, which poses an outstanding investment security for laboratory operators based on long-term considerations. In addition, Frankonia’s absorbers offer additional features, such as non-combustibility according to EN 13501-1 class A2, a simple assembly and disassembly, clean room classification, no carbon or other toxic substances, …

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