As a specialist in RF-shielding and EMC testing chambers, Frankonia offers complementary, standardized and customized products to maintain its position as a turnkey provider. This includes, for instance, connection panels (CP) located in the floor, penetration panels (PP) incl. connectors located on the wall, wave-guide components for liquids, air or gases, fiberglass feed-through components, special cable feed-through via RFI trap, and all kinds of ventilation and air conditioning.

Range of products

FGT – Frankonia Grounded Test Table

FTT – Frankonia Transparent Test Table

Smoke and Gas Detection Systems

FMC – Frankonia Camera Systems

FAS – Frankonia Audio System

Converter & Filter

Electrical Integration

FGT – Frankonia Grounded Test Table

Frankonia’s grounded test table FGT has been designed according to CISPR 25. The table itself is made of wood and is optionally equipped with wheels and brakes for easy handling. An optional wooden support for the contact strips facilitates the correct connection to the F-contact bar that is integrated into the absorber lining.

Version FGT-1.0 FGT-1.5
Dimensions 2,5 x 1,0 x 0,9 m 2,5 x 1,5 x 0,9 m
Compliance CISPR 25 Ed.4
Load 500 kg (spot load max. 50 kg at 200 x 200 mm)
Table cover • 2,0 mm hot galvanized ground plane, or
• ground plane made of copper or brass
Options • F-contact system integrated in the wall
• F-contact system for floor connection
• Table on wheels
• Combination with fixed load machine, or BlueBox (special table)

FTT – Frankonia Transparent Test Table

Frankonia’s low reflective test table FTT has been designed according to CISPR 22. To not affect the EMC or RF measurements, this transparent test table is made of non-conductive material that doesn’t generate reflections and has a low dielectric constant. The top of the table is covered with plastic to offer a non-sensitive surface, and it provides a scale to facilitate the positioning of equipment under test.

FTT – Square FTT – Round
Dimensions 1,0 x 0,8 x 0,8 m 1,5 x 0,8 x 0,8 m
1,5 x 1,0 x 0,8 m
(Basis ø1,2 m)
1,5 x 1,2 x 0,8 m
2,0 x 1,0 x 0,8 m
2,0 x 1,2 x 0,8 m
ø1,2 m x 0,8 m
ø1,5 m x 0,8 m
Compliance CISPR 22
Load 200 kg (spot load max. 20 kg at 200 x 200 mm)
Features • with plastic cover with scaled grid indication for a proper EUT positioning
• centered hole ø250 mm for EUT power and data connection

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