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Emission measurements

The new Full Compliance ERX-6 EMI test receiver from Frankonia is suitable for mobile use as well as for use in systems. The ERX-6 offers a very high measuring speed so that e.g. the measurement is reduced from hours to seconds with the Quasipeak detector for emission measurements. By default, the ERX-6 is equipped with hardware that significantly accelerates the measurement according to the standards CISPR 16-1-1 Ed 3.1 and MIL461G (FFT-based measuring instrument). For standards that do not provide acceleration using the FFT-based measuring instrument, the ERX-6 has a classic stepped scan mode. In addition, it is possible to perform measurements at individual frequency points, as described e.g. at the final maximization. In conjunction with the PROVE-EMC software, the receiver can significantly improve the measurement quality and reduce the test times in conjunction with the antenna mast and turntable. Due to the excellent noise floor of <-12 dBuV (band C / D) or – 3dBuV (band E) even difficult measuring tasks can be solved, without the need for an external preamplifier. The functional scope is rounded off by a very fast spectrum analyzer as well as a high-resolution scope function.


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