The Frankonia Group was founded in 1987 as a solution provider for EMC laboratories, meeting the increasing demand for highly specialized testing environments for the electronic and automotive industry. 

The EMC testing industry is a high-technical, innovative and fast-changing niche industry. With 30 years of experience to date, Frankonia maintains its leading position in EMC solutions worldwide.

Without limitations in its capabilities, Frankonia develops future-oriented concepts for our complete product range, which guarantee the optimal use of resources, as well as the best possible customized solutions.

Frankonia offers complete solutions for the electronic, military and automotive industry, which meet customers’ individual requirements. The Frankonia core business contains: Anechoic Chambers and Test Systems.

Frankonia at a Glance

  • Frankonia demonstrates a global presence in cooperation, with a well-structured network of productions, representations and service units.

  • Frankonia strives to be the preferred partner for customized and state-of-the-art solutions.

  • Frankonia provides fundamental knowledge to operate as a complete solution provider.

  • Frankonia implements innovative technologies to enhance efficiency and improve the outcomes and quality along with customers’ needs.

Frankonia Germany

Headquartered in Heideck, Bavaria, Germany    Founded 1987

Frankonia Germany EMC Solutions GmbH
Industriestr. 16
91180 Heideck
+49 9177 – 98 500
+49 9177 – 98 520

A steady increase of activities on the European, American and Asian markets made Frankonia Germany EMC Solutions GmbH to one of the leading companies in the EMC business of anechoic chambers and turnkey solutions. The wide range of services includes consulting, strategy, construction, manufacturing and assembly.

Frankonia Germany EMC Solutions GmbH was founded by Mr. Wolfgang Opitz and since the early 90’s the company is a self-contained actor on the EMC market for shielded rooms and anechoic chambers. More than 30 years of experience to date created steadily Frankonia’s reputation as a leader for EMC anechoic chambers.

The fact that Frankonia is not only installing by its own assembly teams but also manufacturing non-combustible absorbers, shielding panels, doors, gates and automation equipment by an own engineering and production line makes Frankonia worldwide unique. Frankonia shows global presence in cooperation with a well-structured network of representations and service contacts.

Frankonia’s customer-orientated development of new products and solutions is benefitting from the cooperation of our own research and development section with leading universities, insourcing of global expertise and the confiding dialogue with our customers. One major example for that is the development and production of Frankosorb® non-combustible absorbers A2 acc. to EN13501-1 (former DIN 4102), which allows Frankonia to set itself apart from competition.

Frankonia Test Systems

Forchheim, Bavaria, Germany    Founded 1992

Frankonia EMC Test-Systems GmbH
Daimlerstr. 17
91301 Forchheim
+49 9191 – 73666-0
+49 9191 – 73666-20

The Frankonia EMC Test-Systems GmbH was founded in 1992 by the shareholder and managing director Mr. Peter Weidner. From the beginning our aim was to support customers regarding new EMC-standards and to supply the necessary EMC test equipment.

In 1995 Frankonia Germany EMC Solutions GmbH become a shareholder of Frankonia EMC Test-Systems GmbH. Thus, both parties had the possibility to offer turn-key EMC test laboratories, consisting of an anechoic chamber or RF-shielded room and the required EMS/EMI EMC test equipment.

Today Frankonia EMC Test-Systems GmbH is part of the Frankonia Group. Through this cooperation it is now possible to coordinate all activities concerning R&D, production, marketing and sales.

At the beginning it was necessary to buy numerous components for the EMC test laboratories from other suppliers. But through intense R&D we are now able to offer a wide range of our own Frankonia products. During the last years, we developed the following products:

Compact Immunity Test System for immunity testing acc. to IEC/EN 61000-4-6 with integrated signal generator, RF-power-amplifier, directional coupler and 3-channel RF-power-meter

Compact Immunity Test System for immunity testing acc. to IEC/EN 61000-4-16

Radiated immunity test systems acc. to IEC/EN 61000-4-3, ISO 11452-2, MIL-STD 461, RS 103

Full-compliant EMI-Receiver with FFT for emission measurements from 9kHz to 6GHz

Control software for automated emission and immunity testing

Complete range of antennas for emission and immunity testing in the frequency range from 9kHz to 40GHz

Wide range of RF-Power-Amplifiers from DC to 18GHz and output power up to 12.000W

EMC Control-Unit “ECU 3/6” with integrated signal-generator, relay-witching-unit, directional couplers, RF-power-meters, EUT-monitoring


E-field-sensors, battery-, or laser-powered

Low-frequency- / Magnetic-field-test-system for emission and immunity tests, for example magnetic-field-testing up to 1000A/m, MIL-STD 461 testing, parts CE101, CS101, CS109, RE101, RS101

There are skilled engineers employed, who are familiar with almost all details regarding EMC standards and regulations to guarantee a competent project planning and installation of EMC test systems.

Frankonia Poland

Dzierzoniów Poland    Founded 1990    Manufacturing site

Frankonia Poland Sp. z o.o.
Ul. Brzegowa 105A
58-200 Dzierżoniów
+48 74 – 832 18 52
+48 74 – 832 34 25

Frankonia Poland Sp. Z o.o. was founded in 1990 under the name Technika Szpitalna Ltd. and Technika Szpitalna BIS Ltd., and is well known in the market sector for hospital operating rooms. In 2010, the company name has been changed to Frankonia Poland. Since the beginning, Frankonia Poland Sp. z. o.o. operates under the same management board and ownership, and continues to be an essential manufacturing part of the Frankonia Group.

Within its manufacturing scope, Frankonia Poland produces, engineers and develops products and systems dedicated to the anechoic chamber business of Frankonia Group. Having a specialized and modern machine park, well-developed experience in processing of galvanized metal and stainless steel, as well as highly qualified staff, Frankonia Poland continuously extended its manufacturing portfolio. Frankonia Poland Sp. z. o.o. is qualified to ISO 9001 and provides highest quality products combined with excellent services.

With its 160 employees, the company cares about a good relationship with its employees, suppliers, customers and the local community.


Manufacturing of hot galvanized and stainless steel

Production of Frankonia absorbers, RF-shielded doors and gates as well as all shielding components

Hygienic clean room laboratory equipment in stainless steel, e.g., gas-tight doors or sluice systems

Furniture system in stainless steel, e.g., working tables or kitchen worktop

Hospital infrastructure, e.g., hinged doors, sliding doors or x-ray protection doors

Manufacturing Services:

Sheet metal forming for galvanized and stainless steel (cutting, bending, molding)

Welding (MAG, MIG, TIG), manual or with full-automatic laser welding robot

Finishing (grinding, brushing, satin-finishing or pickling)

Plate press service and construction

Structural steel constructions

The modern and state-of-the-art machine park has remarkable production potentials.
Continuously we extend the machine portfolio to increase the quality and accuracy while minimizing production times.

Delivery & Activity:



TruPunch 5000 (large format) Punching Machine
TruBend Center 7030 Automatic Bending Center
TruBend 5320 Hydraulic Press
TruBend 5170 Hydraulic Press
TruBend V170 Hydraulic Press
TruBend V130 Hydraulic Press
TruBend 5085 Hydraulic Press
E-Brake 35-1250 Servo Electrical Press
KUKA Laser Welding Robot
ERLAS Laser Beam Welding Machine
Kuhlmeyer Belt-Sanding Machine
ACF Multiflex MF-25-121 Corner Forming
JOOS Veneer Press
ZPm-16/300 Linear Decent Spot Welder
BOMAR Bandsaw
DEMMELLER Welding Tables with Fronius or Lincoln Welding Systems

Frankonia China

Jiashan, China    Founded 2003    Manufacturing site

Jiashan Frankonia EMC Co., Ltd.
No.55, Hongqiao Rd, Economic Development Zone
Jiashan Zhejiang, 314100, China
+86 573 – 84731555
+86 573 – 84731558

Jiashan Frankonia EMC Co., Ltd. is the Chinese affiliated company of Frankonia Germany EMC Solutions GmbH with its headquarter in Heideck, Germany. Since 2003 the foundation of Jiashan Frankonia underlines the international presence of Frankonia on the market of EMC chambers and shielded rooms. The company’s location close to Shanghai in the province Zhejiang offers optimal prerequisites for the strategic business orientation to Asia. Jiashan Frankonia EMC Co., Ltd. is part of the international Frankonia Group and directly connected with all sales branches in China.

Skillful engineers are employed at Jiashan Frankonia, the sales team is consisting of the following:

Senior Sales director assigned from Frankonia headquarters is in charge of the sales network operations and manages the Chinese market.

Experienced sales engineers are responsible for providing localized EMC knowhow to anechoic chamber and test system users, to promote local users with latest Frankonia innovations and inventions, so that all local EMC users are well informed with latest EMC technology and ideas.

Professional designers with expertise to simulate and render each anechoic chamber project in 3D to realize an easy understanding.

Specialized Service team provides 24/7 aftersales support to meet our customers service and maintenance requests to achieve 100% satisfactions.


Manufacturing of hot galvanized and stainless steel

Production of Frankonia absorbers, RF-shielded doors and gates as well as all shielding components

Structural steel constructions

Trumpf Trumatic 5000R
Trumpf Trumabend V130
Stemping machine up to 50 tons

Proficient assembling team with excellent experience, trained by Frankonia German supervisors, delivers top quality finished product.

Delivery & Activity:
China (majority) and worldwide


Anechoic Chambers

Within our Anechoic Chamber business that includes a wide range of standardized chambers from pre-compliance up to full compliance and customized chambers, we offer a variety of innovative positioning devices and accessories required in modern testing facilities like monitoring equipment, antenna mast, turntables, doors and gates, and our unique absorber technology Frankosorb®.

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EMC Test Systems

Within our Test System business, we offer a wide variety of EMC test systems that encompass testing equipment for a broad range of emission and immunity tests. Beside complete test-systems Frankonia offers also single components like a broad range of antennas, pre-amplifiers, broadband RF-power amplifiers, software, GTEM cells, strip-lines, open TEM cells, signal generators, RF-power meters, and EMI receivers.

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