PSG-300 Power Signal Generator

For immunity tests according to IEC/EN 61000-4-16 (DC-300 kHz), IEC/EN 61000-4-19 and IEC/EN 61543 (1 kHz-150 kHz)

The PSG-300 contains a linear precision power amplifier with a wide bandwidth (DC-300kHz), suitable for all applications concerning fast alternating signals at high output power. The built in generator provides sine, square and triangle waves.
Communication between PSG-300 and PC is via USB connection. The application sofware is suited for general power generator applications and for immunity tests according to EN 61000-4-16 as well as to IEC/EN 61543. Short term tests are enabled by phase controlled switching of an external power source. The PSG-300 is equipped with a silent, temperature-controlled fan. Internal safeguards protect the amplifier from overheating and high power dissipation. They also assure protection against short-circuits and overload.

– Short circuit and overload protection
– Completely linear and low noise design
– Outstanding DC stability
– Temperature controlled silent fan
– Over temperature switch off
– Protection / Ready LED
– EUT-fail input
– EUT-monitor input

The number one choice for all applications with the need for fast and powerful signals,e.g.:
– Simulation of DC/AC supply lines
– Generation of magnetic fields with Helmholtz or similar coils
– Control of piezo actors
– Immunity testing according to EN 61000-4-16, IEC/EN 61000-4-19 and IEC/EN 61543
– Calibration devices etc.

Technical specifications:
Type PSG-300 PSG-300A
Frequency range DC – 1 MHz (small signal -3 dB)
Power bandwidth DC – 200 kHz
Slew rate 100 V/μs
Offset ±1 mV (±0.1 mV/°C)
Gain 10 ±0.1 % (±0.01 %/°C)
Output voltage 50 Veff / ±75 Vpeak
Output current 5 Aeff / ±7.5 Apeak 16 Aeff / ±23 Apeak
Power output 250W 800W
Distortion (DC – 100 kHz, load ≥ 4 Ω) < 0.10%
Input impedance 100 kΩ
Max. input voltage 80 V (cont.), 100 V (< 1 min)
Noise (10 Hz – 1 MHz, input: 50 Ω) 0.5 mVeff
Output connector 4 mm MC
Output connector 50 Ω BNC
Frequency range DC, 0.05 Hz – 300 kHz
Frequency resolution 0.05 Hz
Frequency accuracy ± 20 ppm
Waveform Sine, square, triangle
External generator input BNC
General data
Remote control USB connector
Dimensions (LxWxD) 448,9×132.55×435.50mm 448.90 x 177 x 585.50 mm
Weight approx. 14 kg approx. 30 kg
PSG-E300 External power source for short term test 300V@DC,162/3Hz,50Hz,60Hz
PSG-EXT Input connector for phase controlled switching of external power source
PSG-ULTRA Ultra staible gain, amplifier A1110-Series; Gain 10±0,1%, (±25ppm/C°);
Offset ±1mV (±25uV/C°)
PSG-U/I Voltage/ current measurement for magnetic field tests acc. to MIL-STD-461 CS101 and EN55103-2 incl. application software
PSG-61543 Additional equipment to control the tripping current
Current: 500mA, Tripping current (adjustable): 2 – 66mA incl. current meter
PSG-SHUNT Current shunt acc. to IEC/EN 61543
PSG-ZDDIFF Current shunt acc. to EN 61000-4-19 (Draft), Annex C; Figure C3



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