Conducted RF-immunity testing and BCI-testing acc. to IEC/EN 61000-4-6, ISO 11452-4, MIL-STD 461, CS114 and similar standards

The CIT-100 is a complete test system for conducted RF-immunity testing and BCI-testing acc. to IEC/EN 61000-4-6, ISO 11452-4, MIL-STD 461, CS114 and similar standards.
The system coconsists of a built-in

• Signal generator, 4kHz – 1.2 GHz
• RF-Power-Amplifier. max 4kHz – 400 MHz, 25 / 75 W
• 3-Channel RF-Power-Meter to measure the test level as well as forward & reverse power, 4kHz – 1.2 GHz
• Directional Coupler
• Comfortable control software

As a „stand-alone“ test system the CIT-100 is convincing by its easy and comfortable handling and the excellent cost-performance ratio.
We also offer the full range of coupling/decoupling networks (CDN‘s) ,
EM-coupling clamp, BCI- and current clamps.

Special Features


Conducted RF immunity tests acc. to IEC/EN61000-4-6 and BCI tests acc. to ISO 11452-4 and MIL-STD 461 CS 114


Signalgenerator,RF-power amplifier, RF-power meter and directional coupler in one 19”-case


All built in instruments can also be used separately, via existing input / output connector.
Hence, the Signal-generator and the RF-power-meter can also be used for radiated immunity tests acc. IEC/EN 61000-4-3.
Furthermore an additional external RF-Power-amplifier could be connected to the CIT-100 for this purpose.


Stand-alone operation possible with optional available netbook


Control-software included


Most important parameters are shown on an integrated display


Automatic EUT-monitoring


Complete range of CDNs available



Internal RF-Power Amplifier
Several amplifier modules are available. Highest output power can be 75 W over the specified frequency range. The amplifier input can be accessed via the back panel of the CIT-100, so that the amplifier can also be used with any external generator. 25 W and 75 W amplifiers are available as standard.

Amplitude Modulation
Frequencies generated by the generator can also be modulated with a LF signal. Modulation frequencies may vary from 1 Hz up to 100 kHz, modulation levels are available from 0 % to 100 %.

Internal RF-Voltmeter
Accurate measurements of RF signals from -40 dBm up to +30 dBm are done by the internal RF-voltmeter which can be accessed (for separate use) via a BNC connector. Two internal voltmeters measure the test level and two channels to measure the forward and reverse power via the built-in directional coupler.

Internal RF-Signal Generator
As the internal generator generates its output signal without any internal mixing components, low harmonics and spurious frequencies are assured.

User defined signals
External signals (e.g. EUT-fail or external instruments) can be connected and monitored using the application software.


Technical specifications:
Two switchable outputs
(Only one can be used simultaneously)
2 x SMA
Frequency range 4 kHz to 1.2 GHz
Frequency resolution 1 Hz
Output level range 0 to -63 dBm
Output level resolution 0.1 dB
Harmonics < 30 dBc
Spurious < 45 dBc
Amplitude mod. (internal) 0 – 100%, resolution 1%
Amplitude mod. (external) 0-100%, max. Amplitude 1V=100%, BNC jack
Pulse modulation (internal) 5-95%, resolution 1%
Pulse modulation (external) DC…1MHz, 3,3/5V CMOS/TTL, BNC jack
LF-Generator (modulation)
Connector BNC jack
Frequency range 1 Hz to 10 kHz
Frequency resolution 0.1 Hz
Signal Sine wave / square wave / traingular
Amplitude 0…1 V
RF-Voltmeter 1 (test-level)
Connector BNC jack
Frequency range 4 kHz to 1.2 GHz
Measuring range -40 to +30 dBm
RF-Voltmeter 2 + 3 (forward and reverse power)
Connector 2 x SMA
Frequency range 4 kHz to 1.2 GHz
Measuring range -40 to +33 dBm
+ directional coupler typ. 40 dB
EUT-Monitor input
Input voltage 0-10 V
Resolution 2.5 mV
Input Impedance
100 k
EUT-failed input
Input signal 3.3/5V CMOS/TTL level
Detection mode Status or edge controlled
Temperature measurement 10 to 100 °C (1039-1385Ω)
resolution < 1 °C (PT1000)
SCPI interfaces
LAN, 100 Mbit RJ45
GPIB (optional) Centronics
Digital I/Os
Out 4 Bit Digital out, 5V CMOS/TTL
In 4 Bit Digital in, 5V CMOS/TTL
Closes at R < 1 k Ω



Technical specifications:
CIT-100/75 MIL
RF-Power Amplifier (Type) 25 W 75 W MIL 75 W
Frequency range
100 kHz – 250 MHz (4) 10kHz-250 (400) MHz 100kHz-400MHz

Output Power

25 W 75 W
10 W from 4kHz – 10kHz
min. 20 W from 250MHz – 400 MHz
75 W
Linear @ 1dB compression
20 W 50 W 75 W
46 dB nominal 51 dB nominal 51 dB nominal
± 1.5 dB maximum ± 1.5 dB maximum ± 1.5 dB maximum
Input power for rated input 1 mW / 0 dBm 1 mW / 0 dBm 1 mW / 0 dBm
Input / output impedance 50 Ω 50 Ω 50 Ω
Input VSWR 1.5:1 max 1.5:1 max 1.5:1 max
Harmonic disortion <- 20 dBc @ 20 W <- 20 dBc @ 50 W <- 20 dBc @ 50 W
Noise figure typ. 5 dB typ. 7 dB typ. 7 dB
Spurious output <- 75 dBc @ 10 W <- 75 dBc @ 10 W <- 75 dBc @ 10 W




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