A new approach to OTA testing with RanLOS (Random Line-of-Sight)

The automotive industry is moving towards the telecom industry by making vehicles more and more dependent on wireless data transmission. Security and infotainment systems require that wireless communication performance can be measured and ensured, especially when it comes to autonomous vehicles. Testing wireless performance is a prerequisite for developing and improving these wireless systems. Today, time and cost‐effective measurement methods are lacking. The RanLOS measurement system is designed to fill this gap.

The Random Line‐of‐Sight (Random‐LOS) measurement system is designed for testing wireless performance for vehicle applications. The measurement system simulates real usage and makes it possible to test performance in a time‐ and cost‐effective manner.

The RanLOS solution makes early stage accurate testing possible, which enables the car manufacturers to:

Shorten test lead times

Improve wireless performance

Ensure functionality in safety and infotainment systems

Meet requirements that telecom operators place on network users

All relevant standards can be measured; such as 3G, 4G, 5G and WiFi.

The main part of the Random‐LOS system is the chamber antenna. This antenna is built up by a reflector and a linear array feed. The array feed consists of dual polarized antenna elements, to ensure that both polarizations can be measured. The system can be used for passive as well as active measurements. When using the passive measurement setup, the output is, e.g., the radiation pattern of the antenna including the effects of the car. Active measurements are performed on system level, thus including the whole car with its antenna system and modem. If desired, a channel emulator can be used to add Doppler shifts and signal delays.


Upgrade any EMC chamber for radiation pattern

and throughput measurements

Easy and quick setup

Cost-effective solution testing wireless performances

Products and Specifications

System RanLOS-6 GHz RanLOS-28
Description Large reflector suitable for measurements on whole vehicles. Small reflector suitable for measurements on smaller devices.
Frequency range 750 MHz to 6 GHz 27 to 29 GHz
Dimension of reflector 4,2 x 3,3 x 1,8 m (WxHxD) 0,8 x 0,66 x 0,4 m (WxHxD)
Test zone diameter ø3,0 m ø0,3 m

About our partner RanLOS AB:

RanLOS AB is a spin-off company from Chalmers University of Technology and was established in 2016. The company develops measurement technologies for testing and verifying antennas and systems used in connected vehicles and other wireless devices. The foundation is based on research conducted by Professor Per-Simon Kildal and his research team at Chalmers.



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