Cyber Security Chamber

Shielded Rooms for Cyber Security Tests

The Frankonia cyber security chamber is in principle a regular shielded room designed based on a modular construction system, with the additional feature of isolation and a custom-made preparation to the test device, for example, passenger vehicles.


Modular and pre-fabricated industrial design standard

PAN TYPE shielding modules

TEMPEST option

Highest shielding attenuation EN 50147-1

Prefabricated and modular shielding panels made

of 2,0 mm thick galvanized sheet steel

Self-supporting stability

Turnkey solution

Typical Specifications

External dimensions Any size is possible
Frequency range 10 kHz to 18 GHz, or 40 GHz
Shielding Effectiveness EN 50247-1 or IEEE Std. 299
Walls and Ceiling
  • Interior finishing in various materials and colors
  • Acoustics damping
  • LED ambient lighting
  • Standard raised floor with vinyl flooring
  • Moisture protection below the shielding
  • Electrical isolation for shielding and steel structure
  • TEMPEST option
Load capacity Any loading condition is possible

Performance & Compliance

Shielding attenuation according to EN 50147-1 (guaranteed values)

or IEEE Std. 299 optional


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