Conversation & Meeting

Bugging-protected Conversation Chamber

The Conversation Chamber by Frankonia is specifically designed for bugging-protected communications and conversations between all those who require a secure environment for the handling of confidential and sensitive information. Thanks to its mobility, the chamber can be easily implemented into existing rooms and is herewith an all-round facility for versatile usage.


Able to be setup in every room

Secure communication and conversation with 53 dB acoustic insulation

High flexibility thanks to the prefabricated and modular design

MIDAS interior system available in different colors

LED lighting

Acoustic insulation of door due to inflatable double-sealing system

Integrated window in door-leaf

Compliant with common safety criteria

Door opens in case of disturbance

Automatic realization of acoustic insulation by magnetic contact or

Manual realization of acoustic insulation by push-button

Acoustic insulation status & indication lamp

Full automatic climate control and ventilation system

Broad range of data- and power interfaces available

Available in various sizes from 2 persons up to 5 persons

Plug & Play System incl. furniture (table, chairs)

In addition, and based on the Conversation Chamber, we offer high-class eavesdropping meeting rooms custom made to your facility.

Conversation Chamber Versions

Version S M L
Amount of people 2 persons 2 persons 4/5 persons
Size (LxWxH) 2.100 x 1.800 x 2.400 mm 1.800 x 2.700 x 2.400 mm 3.000 x 3.000 x 2.400 mm
Floor loading approx.. 340 kg/sqm
Power supply 230V 16A
Color RAL 9002 (outside)
Interior on customers’ demand

Typical Specifications

Acoustic insulation R’w ≥52 dB (required)
(Element: Walls without doors; rooms for concentrated mental activities)
Normative basis DIN 4109:1989-11 and DIN 4109-1:2016-07
Acoustic insulation R’w ≥53 dB (tested)
Measurements acc. to DIN EN ISO 140-4

Performance & Compliance

Including the available door and at laboratory-like testing conditions,

the bugging-protected Conversation Chamber reaches a rated sound insulation of R‘w= 52 dB. The recommendation according to DIN 4109:1989 for airborne sound insulation of partition walls in administration departments and offices with confidentiality and raised noise protection (required R’w ≥ 52 dB) is achieved by the tested construction.

At the present conditions, the Conversation Chamber obtains a normative sound

isolation between rooms of D‘n,w = 53 dB according to DIN EN ISO 140-4 and offers a safe and secure environment for the handling of confidential and sensitive information.


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