Battery & Charging Systems

Battery Testing Solution and High-Power Charging Solution

SystemBattery monitoring and testing solutions, or
High-power charging solution
Compliance- Real charging infrastructure and/or monitoring
- PLC protocol (CCS1, CCS2)
- GB/T protocol
- CHAdeMO protocol
Features- Dynamic DC Emulators and AC Emulators
- Completely implemented to an EMC environment

Battery Testing Solution

The Battery Testing Solution enables the simulation and testing of batteries in several configurations, as well as in combination with a load machine, like the EMC-BlueBox. It allows a maximum of flexibility in testing e-drive components and moreover ensures a correct implementation into an EMC environment.

Systempartner: Scienlab/Keysight


Integration in any kind of EMC chamber

Real-time monitoring and testing using PLC, GB/T

or CHAdeMO charging protocols

Shielded interface station useable within an EMC chamber

European safety standards

Integration kit for existing chambers


Version FSL-100 FSL-150 FSL-180 FSL-250
Output (kW) 100 150 180 250
Voltage (V) 50 … 1.000 V DC
Current output 300 A or 600 A
Version FSL-350 FSL-600
Output (kW) 350 600
Voltage (V) 50 … 1.000 V DC
Current output 600 A

High-Power Charging Solution

The High-Power Charging Solution consists of a charging station, which is placed in the immediate range of the vehicle to be charged, and of a power unit, which provides the necessary charging voltage and current.

The charging station is modular equipped with four international charging standards CCS1, CCS2, CHAdeMO and GB/T. Both combined charging systems (CCS1&2) can be implemented with uncooled or cooled charging cables, depending on the maximum charging power.

The required communication with the test vehicle during DC charging is carried out by a charging controller that masters the various charging standards. The vehicle acts here as a master system and the charging station sets the desired charging parameters as slave system.

Additionally, the entire charging infrastructure can be integrated into the existing safety systems, such as emergency-stop, fire alarm, etc. of the test cell.

Systempartner: AIP


Integration in chassis dynamometer or into EMC

chamber floor connection panel (CP)

Uncooled or cooled charging cable options

Charging box CCS type 2 with cooled or uncooled cable

(European standard complies with IEC 62196-3)

Charging box CCS type 1 with cooled or uncooled cable

(American standard complies with SAE J1772 and IEC 62196-3)

Charging box CHAdeMO with uncooled cable (Japanese standard)

CHAdeMO with Tesla adapter with max. 50 kW

Charging box GB/T with uncooled cables

(Chinese standard complies with GB/T 20134.3)

Turnkey solution (power electronic, charging box and standards, filters,

chamber integration, control panel, European safety standards)

Integration kit for existing chambers


Version FA-CCS2c FA-CCS2uc FA-CC1c FA-CCS1uc
Type CCS type 2 (PLC) CCS type 1 (PLC)
Cooling Cooled Uncooled Cooled Uncooled
Voltage 50 … 1.000 V DC 50 … 1.000 V DC
Max. current 500 A 200 A 500 A 200 A
Max. power 400 kW 200 kW 400 kW 200 kW
Cable length 1,5 m 1,5 m
Cooling Uncooled Uncooled
Voltage 50 … 500 V DC 50 … 750 V DC
Max. current 125 A 250 A
Max. power 62 kW 185 kW
Cable length 3,5 m 3,5 m

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