Latest EMC and HF Test Lab opens at Daimler, Sindelfingen, Germany

Congratulations to Daimler and the grand opening to one of the most modern EMC and HF Test Labs on this planet.

Definitely, Daimler sets today new standards in testing their vehicles for EMC and antenna measurements.

The new lab includes:
– EMC Test Laboratories
– Reverberation Chamber
– Antenna Test Chamber

For Frankonia, it was a great project with perfectly communicated goals and mile stones. Thank you to the team from Daimler for the constructive and productive partnership though the last years. We wish you all the best for running that high-end lab.

We would like to thank our sub-contractors TDK RF Solutions (USA) and their supplier NSI-MI Technologies (USA) for the support to implement with us the state-of-the-art antenna chamber. Further to that, AKKA EMC (Germany, former MBtech) perfectly supported us on the integration of the status-quo system for the EMC chambers.

Frankonia is your Solution Provider.


Further details about the lab, please see: link Mercedes Benz Blog  (in German only)

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